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#31: Hate Westerners who expect everyone to speak English

December 4, 2010

 I am Caucasian and am so embarrassed when I hear another Caucasian screaming at the top of his or her voice at a poor Chinese local, “Why don’t you understand English?”
Hello?????  Why the **** don’t you speak Cantonese or Mandarin? You are a foreigner coming into Hong Kong! Hong Kong is Chinese. Why should you [...]

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#30: Hate Rich Single Women in Hong Kong

January 19, 2010

Single women in Hong Kong are not shy to tell me they are looking for a husband. The word “desperation” does not even illustrate this sufficiently. They tell me point blank that they want a husband and eyeball me like a piece of meat. I’m sorry, do you think burping mid sentence, eating with your [...]

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#29: Hong Kong apartment designers voted world’s worst

December 23, 2009

Let’s get it out there. Hong Kong’s apartment design has nothing to do with Feng Shui and all to do about money. In every apartment complex, space is the key. Stupidly designed apartments with 20 apartments to a floor ensures maximum profit for the major building companies in Hong Kong. Creativity and design do not sit [...]

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#28: East Asia Games, what a joke!

December 7, 2009

The East Asian Games…what a joke!!
They had a spectacular opening ceremony on the harbor and in typical showy style, Hong Kong put on a grand one. But that was about it.
I was dubious about the whole thing and now I am certain it is just a scam – much like every other event Hong Kong [...]

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#27: I Hate Hello Kitty

November 19, 2009

What’s so good about this pussy?
I seriously don’t know but you see Hello Kitty, with her pink bow in her hair everywhere. And I mean she’s gone global. It was her birthday recently and it was widely celebrated. Her partner (name unknown to me) occasionally makes an appearance but is very much left in her [...]

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#26: Hong Kong Food Guides

October 21, 2009

I thought it would be a lovely idea to explore the delicacies and food that Hong Kong has to offer. My partner loves food, and loves trying new places to eat. And since Hong Kong boasts Michelin Stars, world famous chefs and copious amounts of versions and volumes of food guides, I had high expectations. [...]

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